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New Sermon Series Beginning November 26

What are we waiting for? Why do we call this season “Advent”? It is because something has happened and is still happening now that those before us looked for and longed for, and we long for it, too. The coming of the Messiah—our Savior and our King. After a journey through the book of Exodus and the freedom the people of God find in God alone, we will see that ultimate freedom is real because God came down. A Savior has come. A King has arrived. A Child is born.

When a child is born, we anticipate not only the birth of the child, but also the naming of the child. This is a real person who we will relate to and connect to throughout the life they are given on earth. In ancient times, especially at the naming of a king, the significance of a name revealed what those naming them longed for in their coming king. For instance, David named Solomon “the man of peace” after he had been restored to peace with God.

We will be taking a long look at just a few verses in the book of Isaiah, as we digest the words of the prophet who points to the Messiah centuries before his arrival in Bethlehem. Known by many scholars as “The Fifth Gospel”, Isaiah describes our need and prescribes the cure in Christ. With each of these names, we will not only explore the hope that these names bring for us as they describe the Savior and King who arrives in the most unlikely of circumstances, but also the impact of these names on how we approach this King. What Child is this? How do we then relate to this Child? How does this Child’s coming change how we relate to one another? In this season, as we reflect on our wayward past and uncertain future, together we will explore these names in order to plant our hope in the truth of Christ’s incarnation. A Child is Born!

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