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Sermon Series: To Be Told

God made story and placed us in stories. We will see that he is both the Author and the Teller of our stories. Paul Asay in a review of “Manchester By The Sea” in Plugged In had this to say about stories:

For more than 2,000 years, the world of fiction—plays, books and now movies—has been split neatly into two classic categories: comedy and tragedy. Comedies were the stories where everything turned out just fine. Tragedies were the stories where everything didn't. I like the predictability of fiction in that way. I like my happy endings. And when the endings aren't happy, I at least like to know there's a reason for the tragedy that unfolds. In a world that so often feels arbitrary and even needlessly cruel, fiction gives us lives with meaning—strands of story that lead, unmistakably, somewhere. Stories of this kind reflect the truth that we Christians so deeply believe: that however strange and random our lives might feel in any given moment, they're leading to something. Our stories are part of God's great Story, and they are as important to that Story as those of kings and presidents.

In this series, we will look at some of the true stories of real people in Scripture and see for ourselves God on the move in their lives. We will look at the ways in which they struggled with issues related to their own self-consciousness and then moved to an awareness of God on the move in and through them. The following questions are some of the places we want to encourage our faith family to go each week: Where do I see God on the move in me? Who can I talk to about it? Where do I see God on the move in others around me? How can I help them see him? Where do I see God on the move in our church or community? How can I join him in what he is already doing?

Our stories are meant “To Be Told”, not because there is anything special about us, but because our stories are a part of God’s Story. We don’t invite him into our stories; he invites us into HIS Story. May we see God on the move in the people of the pages of Scripture and let that be a reminder of the ways in which God is moving in and through us. What does God’s story look like on you and me?

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